Instantly Awesome Seafood Salad - Tasting platter x 2 - BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!
Instantly Awesome Seafood Salad - Tasting platter x 2 - BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

Instantly Awesome Seafood Salad - Tasting platter x 2 - BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

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Want to try them all before you give your vote for your favourite seafood? Here’s your chance! Our tasting platter was initially born for the fickle and the indecisive souls in us but we’re spreading the love now to you guys! (Feeds 2-3 pax)

Here we're offering you the best of BOTH (sauce) worlds! Get 2 platters, one in each sauce for $99.90! (U.P. $113.80)

You may also request for 2 of the same sauces!

The platter comprises of the following items marinated in our special homemade secret recipe sauces!

  • 2 x large-sized baby Abalones
  • 4 x Scallops
  • 2 x Tiger prawns
  • Razor clams
  • Topshell
  • Crabmeat
  • Lala meat


  • Jellyfish
  • Vermicelli

*Additional topping of large-sized baby abalones @ $6 per piece, $8 for 2 pieces - please let us know which salad you'll like to add your abalones to.

*Please note that the portion of each item is NOT our original full serving size.


Oriental sour spicy sauce - Influenced by Thai flavours, we have infused a touch of local Singaporean flavours. We have our 4S combined, all in one refreshing and appetising sauce base; Sour! Spicy! Sweet! Salty!

Oriental savoury sauce - For those who aren't a fan of sour tastes, we've got you covered. Our savoury sauce is the perfect choice for you. Think aromatic traditional Chinese flavours, salty, spicy, super fragrant - equally as refreshing and appetising! 

Add vermicelli and turn it into a meal, seasoned jellyfish for extra bite, or better yet, BOTH and level up your salad! 🖤

Contains onions, chilli, coriander, tobiko, dried sakura ebi.

  • The salads are meant to be eaten cold, and best consumed within 2 hours - 24hours. No preservatives are added, hence we strongly advise against keeping it for more than 24 hours.

⚠️ Warning: May be overly addictive, one box may not suffice. May cause severe cravings for more Instantly Awesome salads.


*If you would like to omit certain garnish / ingredient or have special requests, please let us know in the remarks section during checkout! Do take note that the taste may differ from our original recommended recipe.

**Free delivery does NOT apply for Instantly Awesome Homemade salads. There will be a mandatory delivery charge & handling fee of $8 ($15-$18 for late night delivery) for this range, even if it is delivered with other items from the store. 


For LATE NIGHT DELIVERY, click on THIS link and add to cart for weekdays (and weekends if available)! Otherwise we will update your invoice accordingly. Orders without payment at least 6hrs before delivery (including correct delivery charges) will not be processed and delivered.